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Careful Reviews for Estate Planning

estate planning idahoYour estate comprises your bank accounts, investment accounts, real estate and family businesses. Explaining how you want these assets to be handled is the core function of your estate plan. Of course, it helps to have an experienced partner to review our plans for the future.

  • Do you need help managing a loved one’s estate taxes?
  • Have you established a living will or trust for your assets?
  • Will you receive the maximum tax credit for your estate value?

Working with a CPA for estate planning can give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that all of your possible tax deductions will be considered. A CPA can also help confirm that the required estate taxes will be covered by your liquid assets. Otherwise, you could leave your beneficiaries with unexpected costs. A good estate plan minimizes these concerns because you and your CPA will have considered every option.

Managing the particulars of your estate—or those of a loved one—can seem overwhelming, but you can feel better about the process by organizing your plan sooner, rather than later. That’s how we can help. By giving careful thought to all of these steps, we’ll help ensure that every detail is in order.

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At Knuff and Kunde CPAs, we always work with your best interests at heart. Our team can serve as either a trusted advisor for organizing your estate or as the executor of your overall plan and wishes. It just depends on your needs. We’re happy to serve our clients in any way they see fit.

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